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Since 2008, Madison Horror has brought you some of the best in independent and public domain films, interviews reviews and special events throughout the year. Bordello of Horror airs weekly on line as well as on local Madison Television. In the past we have brought you convention footage from Days of the Dead, Zurko promotions All Night Flea Market and don't forget about Horrorhound Weekend. We've shown you never before seen independent films and interviews including John Russo, Lance Henriksen, Robert Z’Dar, Cassandra Peterson and many more. Click the Bordello page to watch and learn more.

The Madison Horror Film Festival has screened 80 independent short and feature films as well as major Hollywood releases with guests such as Robert Z’Dar, Bill Rebane, Kenneth J. Hall and Stuart Gordon. With events leading up to each festival and following, we like to treat every day of the year as a celebration of Independent film and horror. For more information on tickets, past films that have screened and how to submit your own film, please visit the Film Festival page.

Madison Horror has had the privilege of inducting Dick Flanigan aka “Mr. Mephisto into the 2012 Horror Host Hall of Fame in Columbus, OH. In addition we have gained access to, thanks to Dick Flanigan; almost endless original material of just Mephisto’s bits from Lenny's Inferno. Every other Monday, you can watch reworked episodes of the show at 8pm (CT) on The Vortexx. Check out the Inferno page for photographs, video clips and how to watch on line.

If you are an independent filmmaker, musician or artist and you would like to see your work featured on Bordello of Horror, have questions about the film festival, or just want to say hi, please e-mail us at

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